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Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman, a spectacular deal on BBC Radio 4

Neverwhere by Neil Gaiman, a spectacular deal on BBC Radio 4

Look good in the photo, from left to right we find Benedict Cumberbatch, David Harewood, Natalie Dormer, Dirk Maggs, James McAvoy, David Schofield and Anthony Head. All are part of the BBC Radio 4 production is preparing for the work of , Neverwhere. It is expected that the six episodes of the radio work issued during 2013 and we can access them via the BBC iPlayer .

The deal called for is the dream of every casting director or any lover of the British series. In addition to Cumberbatch’s voice, so fashionable thanks to Sherlock ;-view Dormer The Tudors and Game of Thrones – and McAvoy, Charles Xavier in X-Men: First Class are lucky to work with other illustrious actors and actresses like Sophie Okonedo , Romola Garai and Sir Christopher Lee. Neil Gaiman also lend his voice to serve as narrator.

For those who have not read the novel Neverwhere say that follows the steps of a young Englishman named Richard Mayhew, a common man, the most bland and ordinary. When we’re introduced to Richard is about to move to live in London from the periphery to work, building a future and progress. In London, his life changed by his encounter with Puerta, a mysterious young woman that will show the existence of a parallel world called London Below, a world in which they live the mad, invisible and marginalized, the lonely, those who society ignores and departs. To survive in this strange world Richard must learn its rules, while trying to help Door with revenge against the murderers of his family.

The entire cast of Neverwhere is:

  • James McAvoy – Richard Mayhew
  • Natalie Dormer – Door (Door)
  • David Harewood – Marques de Carabas
  • Sophie Okonedo – Hunter
  • Benedict Cumberbatch – Islington
  • Anthony Head – croup
  • David Schofield – Vandemar
  • Bernard Cribbins – The Old Bailey
  • Romola Garai – Jessica
  • Sir Christopher Lee – Count of Earls Court
  • Andrew Sachs – Tooley
  • George Harris – Abbot
  • Don Gilet – Fulingous, Ruislip, Blackfriar
  • Abdul Salis – Sable, Clarence, the homeless man
  • Paul Chequer – Gary, Guard 2
  • Lucy Cohu – Lamia
  • Yasmin Paige – Anesthesia, other
  • Johnny Vegas – Lord Ratspeaker
  • Stephen Marcus – Varney, other
  • Karen Archer, Sylvia, other

This story has been adapted to other formats, what began as a television series in 1996, later became a novel that allowed the author to expand and explore the world of London Below. With time came a comic based on the novel and a play, projects that were not written by Gaiman.

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