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Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Video Games |

New hack the PS3, the “master key” filtered console on the network

could be back at one of their worst nightmares. As explained in a report from, the group of Chinese hackers under the name of The Three Musketeers online filtering have the security key that would give access to the decryption of each console titles and use the custom firmware. A protection exceeding 3.60 firmware and unreserved access to security protocol PlayStation Network.

By all accounts, the hackers had no intention of spreading the leak, something that has not happened finally reaching a group of Chinese hackers who have posted before they could sell to make money for others.

The Three Musketeers claim that security console and the company can not strengthen or update with a patch via firmware update. A key is really a set of code that can decrypt LV0 the security level 0 PS3, allowing users to customize the firmware to decode all games, both current and future, run homebrew (homebrew) or Linux.

It’s been over a year since April of 2011 Sony was hacked causing the famous courts in the PSN service for 24 days. The company confirmed that personal information of 77 million accounts may have been stolen. A month later he would release the patch with the 3.61 firmware to correct the violation.

With this new hack, Sony should get a new console as the only solution and “patch”.

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