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Posted by on Jul 27, 2012 in SmartPhones, Software |

New hidden in the Windows SDK Phone 8

Yesterday was leaked Windows Phone SDK 8 and I took a little lightly believing that the only news were those with the naked eye (bad for me). Digging in the code have been able to find some news that did not show when officially introduced the new operating system version. In Windows Phone Summit warned us it was a breakthrough just what we were watching (and going forward) because the final version will other developments that are likely to be these :

Control, support, customization …

  • Choose the applications that display notifications on lock screen
  • Synchronizing bookmarks in the cloud with navigation in Internet Explorer, also with automatic backup of images, videos, text messages, etc, with different applications in addition to Skydrive (default).
  • Sense Data shows consumption data but also allows us to add navigational limits
  • Information internal and external storage (SD card)
  • Most issues
  • The photo application is renewed, we can select images in batch to share them, delete them or mark them as favorite
  • Complete image editor, I still have to confirm this, but apparently also apply filters allow Instagram style through an option for “lenses” as you think RIM BlackBerry 10 .
  • Internet Explorer adds configuration options for the navigation bar and tabs
  • Music + Video to Zune replaced.

Are details of applications and improving current features. Something that strikes me is the support. Microsoft is adding options to support almost any file (including videos) in the cloud and keep synchronized everything from Internet Explorer bookmarks to applications. All with the intention to utilize an integrated Skydrive, but also gives you control to third party applications like Dropbox or Box that recently arrived . The upload settings allow you to keep track of what otherwise we know where work best control the use of consumption data through Data Sense.

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