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Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in Apple |

New iMac available from November 30

New iMac available from November 30

A little over a month took place the last Apple keynote and presentation for the remainder of the year 2012, where he was presented a huge number of amazing devices, starting with the fourth-generation iPad , the iPad Mini and of course the new iMac and Mac Mini . For the new “all in one” of the house is very near to market, since according to reports in an official Apple , the of 2012 arrive on November 30.

The amazing thing about these new computers is undoubtedly is its design, starting with its new ultra-thin screen that looks simply spectacular also features new generation Intel processors and a minimum of 8 GB RAM.

Although many times it was said that the new iMac would be delayed to the end of the year, eventually it will not and the 21-inch model will be available from Friday 30 November. The 27-inch model will come a little later, for the month of December, but you can book time to market of its “younger brother”.

The base price of this new generation of iMac are of 1,379 euros for the 21-inch model and 1,899 euros for the 27 inch. The new iMac was so far the only Apple product without an arrival date or availability in the market, or at least in regard to hardware as iTunes takes two months late .

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