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Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Technology |

New iPad fourth-generation

New fourth-generation iPad

If there is a product that has revolutionized the tablet market is undoubtedly the iPad, a fact that is demonstrated when we consider that 91% of web traffic coming from these devices has its origin in the tablet Apple, a fact that Cook has revealed during his presentation and has served standing back to cede space to Phil Schiller to discuss the anticipated new that, despite expected as first release an iPad “mini” has surprised us with the release of a fourth-generation iPad.

The fourth-generation iPad is equipped with the new connector Lightning (quite logical) and, despite maintaining the price with respect to its predecessor, improving performance and double your speed (processor integrating A6X). In addition, this new iPad comes with support for LTE in the hand of a 4G LTE Qualcomm chip that ensures greater compatibility with networks that are deploying LTE operators worldwide and promises a range of 10 hours of operation. With respect to other specifications, storage or resolution of your camera, there is no change from its predecessor.

New fourth-generation iPad image 2

Given that only seven months have passed since the launch of the third generation of the iPad , this upgrade is more interesting features and serves to give a great sprint to the Cupertino tablet market within 10 inches. What about the iPad mini? also has seen the light today but, yes, has been accompanied by a “big brother”, the truth, nobody expected.

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