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Posted by on Sep 7, 2012 in News |

New Kindle Fire HD

New Kindle Fire HD

Along with the improvements that have reached the first Kindle Fire, as an optimized processor, 2x more RAM, more battery and a general improvement in 40% yield, has introduced the Kindle Fire HD, an enhanced version with much better quality screen and comes with a new principal, maintaining the same 7-inch model but the first one to expand the supply of 8.9 inches, matching well the iPad and Android tablets to other like this.

New screen, new sizes

The resolution for the 8.9 model is 1920×1200 pixels, which translates into a screen density of 254 pixels per inch, which will add an omnidirectional polarizing filter that improves the color quality and along with it has implemented technologies to avoid glare and relfejos, how to avoid the air between the screen, the digitizer, and the outer coating.

Processor performance and sound

As for processor, riding a OMAP 4470 manufactured by Texas Instruments that takes over the screen increase over its predecessor and benefits of the device. The sound, in direct comparison to the iPad, resulting in two stereo speakers that also use a proprietary technology of Dolby exclusively for the Kindle Fire and improve quality.

Connectivity, two antennas and MIMO WiFi

WiFi connectivity has expanded the 2.4 Ghz carrying most current WiFi devices to a dual antenna that supports this and 5Ghz frequency, to avoid saturation in the connection and the stability of it. Connectivity is precisely this which is improved with MIMO system that improves reception and signal stability even in harsh environments with many objects through or walls.

During the presentation, Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, has made a direct comparison with the iPad and Nexus 7 none of which supports MIMO and yet have a single antenna (although this itself supports both bands, 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz)

New Kindle Fire HD image 2

Storage and Whispersync

The new Kindle Fire HD, because of the larger screen size and HD content ignores the 8GB (because it would fill at once) and places its most basic model in the 16GB. Whispersync has been updated and now supports audiobooks so that the same acclaimed system that allows us to start reading a book and follow it in our Kindle reading on iPad or Chrome, for example, now also applicable to audiobooks.

Similarly, developers can also enable and Whispersync for games to be saved items, records and levels unlocked between various devices, for example.

New mail client, Skype and Free Time

Along with this news, several officers have renewed applications such as mail client and others have improved as the Facebook client and the Skype application. Along with this, Free Time is a new parental control mode that determines how much and how children use the device by setting quotas for daily use.

New Release, Price and Availability

Like the Kindle Paperwhite, the Kindle Fire 7 Inch begin sent on 14 September and will be available from $199, about the Fire HD will come a little later, on November 20 to $299, a hundred dollars.

Along with this you a model to $499, which includes 32GB of storage (double the entry model) and as a star feature brings LTE 4G and that at least in the United States comes with a 250MB plan monthly (somewhat limited ) but with 20GB of storage and $10 credit at Amazon store for only $50 a year (4.2 per month).

As for international availability, for now we can confirm that the Kindle Fire come to Spain to 199€ for 7 inch HD model, 249€ for the 32GB version and 159€ for the old Kindle Fire.

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