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Posted by on Dec 6, 2012 in Internet |

New on Spotify: recommendations, collections and follow other users

New on Spotify: recommendations, collections and follow other users

Spotify has become, little by little, in a clear example of how the Internet can contribute to the business as a distribution channel and, indeed, is something we can see in the 5 million users who pay for their premium subscriptions, the million customers who are already in the U.S. and more than a thousand million playlists that users have configured. Today had convened an event to introduce some new features that improve service and routed, even more, to become one of the most powerful channels of music distribution network.

One of the things that attract users, and work best are the recommendations as users exchange information about things you like and we tend to take them as a reference for information or when buying a product. In the field of music, the recommendations have been commonplace and, indeed, this is what Spotify has performed in the event he had organized. The idea is simple, we listen to a song and Spotify will show information of other artists and albums but with the addition that will also include background information to help us decide what we want to hear.

This new functionality, and provides the user with new ways to expand their “musical universe” aa also help bring supply and demand as they provide the artists find their audience. In fact, the context information will also give us information on the tours or performances, even closer to the artists to the public. Another interesting detail is that while playing a song, if we try to listen to some of the recommendations made by Spotify and then we repent, the service will play the song we were hearing, and keeping our own context.

New on Spotify: recommendations, collections and follow other users image 2

Another innovation that have occurred in the service are the Collections, an evolution of where we go playlists stored, as a virtual bookshelf, records that we like and group them under the criterion we see fit (music to work, meeting friends, music for sports, etc) without having to unite under a single list, several of our favorite records.

So far, Spotify could relate to our friends, for example, by subscribing to their playlists or, through integration with Facebook, know what they were listening. With applications like Tastebuds could locate other users who had similar musical tastes to ours but, for example, it was not possible to locate individuals with certain weight or, for example, to our favorite artists. With a formula similar to that of Twitter in terms of recommendations of users you follow, Spotify has submitted Influencer Following, a new feature with which we follow our friends, artists and personalities of a certain depth and, in the same way that would do on Twitter or Facebook, to track your activity.

While the three ads pose no substantial changes of the service, all are improvements that make the service much more comfortable to users, more social and, above all, much more directed towards the interaction between users and artists (facilitating the promotion and discovery groups and artists).

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