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Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in Apple, Rumors |

New rumors about the iPad 7-inch

Rumors of an iPad 7-inch format are not new, in fact are as old as the tablet itself from Apple. But they have never been as intense as at the moment and everything seems to indicate that once and for all we will see an Apple tablet in a reduced form in September.

A few days appeared iPad a casing similar to iPad 2 and 3, but considerably closer. This, together with a previous rumor that claimed that Steve Jobs took a dim version 7 “ , was enough to mount a fire of rumors in the blogosphere. The photos show that the form factor of the frame looks like a mobile phone than an iPhone today, which we may be puedeindicar product with more similarities to a large iPod Touch, with a small iPad. Other rumors suggest that the framework would display a reduced, which would make sense since a tablet 7 “is attachable with one hand, unlike his older brother. So the less frame, more screen and better for everyone.

Now that Google has launched its Nexus 7, which seems to be dominating in U.S. sales, may be a propitious time for Apple to enter the world of tablets of 7 “. The fact that the iPhone in its current size is great for many things, but perhaps still a little big for situations that need to hold it with one hand or pure mobility situations, a tablet 7 “would be excellent in those facets.

It all depends on how aggressive the pricing policy adopted in Cupertino. Much of the success of the Nexus 7 is very tight due to its price, starting from 200$. In this regard we have the respect of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 “is the hit for having too high prices, but also had to do with the immaturity of Android operating system for tablets, which appears to be more than matched, and will be a tough competitor to those of the block.

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