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Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in News |

New York used applications to streamline its network of taxis

New York used applications to streamline its network of taxis

The Taxi and Limousine Commission of the U.S. city of New York has voted today in favor of modernizing the service using mobile such as Uber, Hailo and GetTaxi available for iOS and Android . In this way, users can simply order a taxi from your smartphone. I fear that the typical gesture of raising his hand to hail a cab will be history.

This new measure is a pilot program to get permission from the developers to test their applications for a taxi and even pay. Although this grant to a modern city, this decision has generated much controversy.

In a survey carried passengers, most responded that they would love to be able to manage the entire taxi service from their own smartphone, much like the book it pay. After the emergence of mobile terminals was normal to take this decision. Whenever you have to try to manage it more all from the palm of our hand.

While it had been discussing ongoing programs, which have adopted is temporary, valid only for a year. However, if successful, would not be surprising that he chose to follow. If they had proposed a permanent measure, most likely the majority of the members of the commission have rejected.

However, the committee chairman, David Yassky, told the Wall Street Journal that the use of applications to book taxis will be very useful for most passengers. It also ensures that this step was unavoidable to satisfy consumer demand.

Definitely, we did a connected world. Although many deny it, is a reality and the Taxi Commission of has done well to adopt this program. In fact, the president of the Commission stated that it could not pass up that opportunity and that passengers deserved it.

Now the traditions yellow cabs will be more modern than ever. Just need that drivers are well adapted to these new technologies to make the change a success.


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