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Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 in Internet |

New Zealand apologizes to Kim Dotcom

New Zealand apologizes to Kim Dotcom

This morning have been released reports commissioned by the Prime Minister John Key. Some reports highlighting the poor performance of the government to act illegally against , watching him with a police incorrect information. prime minister has apologized publicly to his person .

Key said after a few hours and released documents:

Of course I apologize to Kim Dotcom, and I apologize to New Zealand citizens.

As I say, words uttered after knowing the outcome of the report of the Inspector General of Intelligence Paul Neazor, who found that the country’s authorities unfairly spied Dotcom and platform partners.

Key spoke at a press conference and said that citizens are entitled to be protected by law and that the government had failed to do. According to documents Neazor, the GSCB, Government Communications Security Bureau can only take action against foreign targets by law.

Dotcom’s current status as a citizen in the country was not verified, which is why they acted illegally, as the tycoon maintained permanent residence visa in the country:

The GCSB relied on information provided to it by the Organized and Financial Crime Agency. In my view, an unacceptable performance. GCSB’s responsibility to act within the law, and it is very disappointing that in this case his actions fell outside the law. Personally, I am very disappointed that the agency did not reach a full understanding of the operation of its law.

And according to the report, a number of confusions in the drafting of the Immigration Act led the agency to illegal surveillance.

Meanwhile, the founder of Megaupload and posted in his Twitter account about Key’s apology. He accepts but also calls for a thorough investigation into the case:

I accept your apology. Show your sincerity by supporting a thorough, transparent and independent inquiry into the whole case Mega.

A case that each passing day becomes more complicated and shows irregularities with which acted around Kim Dotcom.

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