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Posted by on Nov 21, 2012 in Features, Tablets | 1 comment

Nexus 10, analysis

Nexus 10, analysis

After our analysis of the Nexus 4, finished in Hipertextual Review of last device in the new trifecta of Google, its commitment scaled three devices: phone ( Nexus 4 ), small tablet ( Nexus 7 ) and large tablet ( Nexus 10 ). The Nexus 10 comes after other betting on the same segment have not yielded the expected results, with the unified interface of Android 4.0 that we saw for the first time in the Nexus 7 in June and especially with many expectations placed on him .

The Nexus 10 also leaves us with a certain deja vu. You can be the first to manufacture Google in partnership with Samsung but since then both lines design and overall performance as we will see that is very similar to another product of the Korean company that also we summarize in their day, the Galaxy Note 10.1 .

To say however that the Nexus Galaxy Note 10 is a 10.1 Without the stylus is not fair nor nor Samsung and although at first we let some pending tasks, such as improving the screen and the price it is good to see that this time many of these problems have been solved.

On the other hand, and especially compared to the competition, the has still some challenges ahead. Strengths, weaknesses, and curiosities of a tablet very balanced, this is your review.

Technical Specifications

Priced at $ 399 | € 399 technical features of Nexus 10 are not a matter of chance. Precisely because it costs much less but behaves as if it were more, the key to understanding the entire Nexus 10 lies in the same, which we will detail.

Nexus 10, analysis image 2

It has 26.4 by 17.8 centimeters wide width and a thickness of 0.8 centimeters. The display is 10.1 inches, made together with its dimensions puts the Nexus 10 slightly above the iPad in size and the space it occupies.

The resolution is 2560×1600 pixels at a density of 229 pixels per inch (as comparative note, the Galaxy Note 10.1 are Pixes 149 per inch). The system moves a dual core processor 1.7 GHz and 2 GB of RAM wonderful not translate into not so smoothly as that achieved with the same gigas in Nexus 4 but who are felt in general.

Nexus 10, analysis image 3

Storage comes in 16 GB (with the price of $ 399 | € 399) or 32GB to $ 499 | € 499. Is missing a choice of 3G or LTE mobile connectivity and only have WiFi, Bluetooth 4.0 and more ubiquitous every NFC. The front camera for video conferencing gives 1.9 megapixel and a rear 5 Megapixel occasional photo. The battery is 9000 mAh in total, which means, in my use, in about 7 hours with moderate use.


It is impossible to get the Nexus 10 of its box after having seen and tested a Galaxy Note 10.1 and not having the feeling that everything we already seen before. Not the first time I commented but it really is a very funny and helps you better understand the device. The loudspeaker design is identical for example, and is located on both sides of Nexus, giving a fairly sound aid in film and video.

Nexus 10, analysis image 4

Moreover, it is made from the same plastic baratero which has already become the house brand for Samsung and subtracted several important points. Why? Just as important is how you look and feel a tablet? Yes, it is. Because the device experience not only helps “the inside”, the software, what you see through the screen, but the complete unified experience.

Nexus 10, analysis image 5

That depends not only use something a factor but several, especially the union of hardware and software, it is so obvious and has proven many times that I find striking evidence that in late 2012 still has to be noted in a review. But it’s something that for some reason or another Samsung or Google are still reluctant to apply, do not have to go far to prove it, the Nexus 4 has a finish good, solid, and that makes mere detail, leaving technical specifications of memory and processor addition, the experience and usability feel something completely different.

Nexus 10, analysis image 6

About tastes there is nothing written, but I rounded forms of the Nexus over 10 does not convince me too, in hand somehow reminiscent of the HP TouchPad that launched with WebOS. The framework is also a bit thick for my taste and weight just does not walk all that wish.


While the design is important, and in this case the sentence largely Nexus 10, the screen has a weight indeed arguably greater. Basically because a tablet is “display only” and this should surprise the user from the moment in which the lights. In the case of the Nexus 10 does not soprende, but easily meets. The colors are good, proper contrast, resolution, although it becomes “Retina”, to use the term coined by Apple, is also good.

Nexus 10, analysis image 7

The viewing angle is good, although blacks have a problem again as in the Nexus 4, highlights from the edge too because they are not black enough. Care is not a problem when we go to see movies or disturbing images, not much, but when you get used to a HTC 8X for example where there is hardly any difference, or Clear Black technology of Lumia, jump to a Nexus , it is, and see how that bottom bar with the start buttons, multitasking and return stands for evil is a major step backwards. And yes, it has to do directly with the technology used for the screen, but her reasons behind nor I care or to the final consumer either. You can see better and should do better, it’s that simple.

Nexus 10, analysis image 8

A screen so that it meets, but not surprising. A good screen under almost any point of view that I would only ask a little more resolution, the issue of blacks and especially better colors, contrast and saturation, I insist, base are not bad, but very upgradable .

Performance and battery

The Nexus 10 does not fall short on the list of specifications and is something that is very clear at all times. Games that run smoothly and good amount of frames per second, web pages load quickly, smoothly moving images, flowing generally in all parts of the system.

Nexus 10, analysis image 9

However, at this stage of the game, ask a mobile device that is completely fluid should be the same as asking for a phone that allows calls. Or what is the same, the system should work and the basic problem is not considered under any point of view, an extraordinary event or highlight. For Android, sharply in tablets, this has been so unfortunately for a while and the Nexus 10 is the first complaint I try without, or almost without any complaint in this regard.

Nexus 10, analysis image 10

The battery in my case is between 6 and 7 hours of use. It is a classic example as Google, instead of giving an estimated duration in hours, rather give, and so appears on Google Play the concrete data milliamp, 9000, which not only does not give a specific usage guidance you can give to Nexus 10 but also admits another of the realities behind the framerate of the device, specifically for Android, the battery life is highly dependent on the particular use of the applications we use, multitasking and overall is extremely variable.

6 or 7 hours is not bad but it does the duration of the Nexus 7, which is superior and the 10 hours of the iPad.

Android 4.2

Nexus 10, analysis image 11

Another innovation that has accompanied the launch of the Nexus Nexus 4 and 10 is Android 4.2. How much has changed within the Android tablets shows that the first approach of Google was not the most appropriate. For me, the most important blessing of Android 4.2 is undoubtedly the unified interface. That is, having both Nexus 4, Nexus Nexus 7 and 10 the same interface is something that benefits the entire range of users, from the novice techie. Do not think in complicated configurations settings, where will this or that feature or how to perform a task, everything is in one place.

Nexus 10, analysis image 12

The swype keyboard type included in 4.2 works fine, but no more. The best way to explain it is actually very simple: if you like that kind of keyboards because I’ve tried at various alternatives that are in the App Store you’ll like this one included officially and if need to change anything, if not or no converte just like me you will feel exactly the same about it. Nothing changes, does not innovate or improve anything in usability issues, we can simply slide your finger across the keyboard to type words, and now.

Nexus 10, analysis image 13

Multiuser is one of the most interesting (not present in mobile) and I have to admit that as a first approximation to the functionality within the tablets, leaving aside the Kid’s Corner of Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 is pretty accurate. With the new menu shortcuts in our avatar can touch and quickly switch between users, accessing, literally, to a virtually Nexus 10 different and depending on the user recalls wallpapers, applications and preferences.

Nexus 10, analysis image 14

Android tablets has matured, and much, maybe not everything I’d like, but enough, stronger offering an alternative, more powerful and more quality especially with all that in my opinion we have seen before. The big failure? Applications. When it costs you even fill the first screen of applications that actually use (no any occasional application of Google Play) understand that the first Android problem happens out there right now and one that should be solved very, very fast.


6,5 / 10

Funambulism Nexus 10 makes a midline perhaps poor average, which does not fall or to one side or to the other. Not to the side where we could attack him mercilessly for being a bad tablet, which is not, or to the side of excellence and good work that awaited me personally after dissappointed that I left the Nexus 4. The best way to summarize it is probably the “not enough” is not good enough, or bold enough to talk about a product that will be remembered and will leave a mark in the course of the flagship technology that of being the first 10-inch tablet with Google direct hand behind.

A good try, with an improved bill and where the remaining tasks to improve the screen pass (not much, but better), the quality of materials and finishes, the number of applications and all that “extra touch” that killer feature and many hope never comes. The iPad is the Retina display, here I would like to see something similar.

Praise the Nexus 10 will go to the price, the news of Android 4.2, almost all very correct, performance, and usability unified interface, which has improved consistently and significantly. For those reading this and thinking whether to buy an iPad, it is not an iPad and still has, but it’s cheaper, it’s Android (which everyone tastes) and is a good attempt to be. A Google only ask that you list, and then improve it improved, we hope so, we have this stunning tablet that many want to see.

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1 Comment

  1. Nexus 10 is a piece of junk:
    1. None of its apps works on NBA Leahuepass, scoreboard, schedule, etc. It does not allow you to go to full web site as APPLE system does. It does not compatible to most web functions in NFL, and MLB either.
    2. Chrome on Nexus 10 does not have bookmark bars on it. If you want to go to another webpage in your bookmarks, you have to close the page and re-start bookmark page to get your webpage. Very
    3. Nexus has fewer apps than APPLE. Many apps in Nexus do not work, or works very slow.

    Do not waste your money on Nexus 10.