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Posted by on Nov 3, 2012 in Reviews, SmartPhones | 1 comment

Nexus 4 unboxing

The Nexus 4 is here, and the first impressions left us are quite positive. They note, since we take it out of the box, that this is the next big heir to the Nexus line and something that is reflected not only in the design lines, very similar to the old Galaxy Nexus, but that is a natural evolution of that improving some of the weaknesses that Google was outstanding, as the build quality.

Personally, what I liked most is the new rear glass, which on one hand makes it more fragile and more susceptible to nicks and scratches than the Galaxy Nexus, for example, but otherwise gives a finish and a look much more spectacular. Inside, Android 4.2 does not differ greatly from previous versions, apart from the camera redesigned and the new role of panoramic photos.

As major cons are the thickness, something that used to ultrathin terminals as iPhone 5 or HTC One X makes me excessive weight, which again does not differ much from what we used to have some time but begins to exceed standards.

The Nexus 4 is a very nice phone, even sexy (for a long time I would not say this in an Android) and that despite its highly competitive price plant will face no competition problems to other high-end Android Is the best we can buy now? Most likely, not only because of the price or technical, but what is behind it: Google seal with frequent updates (a blessing in the system due to fragmentation) and the good work of LG as terminal manufacturer.

Very attentive to our review next week, where will the new Nexus 4 against the ropes and analyze in detail their pros, cons, and how it behaves in the face of competition. Questions that you wish to appear in the analysis? Leave them in the comments!

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1 Comment

  1. Nexus 4 or galaxy s3 which to buy, coz s3 is now time tested and the leader… But nexus 4 is the Google heir which means latest android updates but is it better than s3. Plz help…


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