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Posted by on Oct 25, 2012 in Tablets |

Nexus 7 arrives in Latin America this year

Nexus 7 arrives in Latin America this year

A wonderful news for gadget freaks in South America has come today, is that since Celupedia have contacted ASUS official representative in California who has confirmed that Nexus will reach in July this year 2012 .

However, there is still no official confirmation on what the price of the Google tablet on the continent, and from what date is available or in which countries can achieve. It is estimated to reach most countries (especially those where Google has offices) and before Christmas.

Certainly Nexus and 7 can get on the shelves of Latin America, but this is due to the work of private importers. Your hand arrival of ASUS and Google assumes many advantages, starting with a lower price and also support the hand of their responsible.

Moreover, this also makes a question born: Finally reach Google’s paid services to South America?.

Most people in the rest of the world does not know but on this continent can not use the services of books, movies or music through Google Play Store, besides not being able to purchase through that store either device Nexus . In fact, the only way to buy applications is making the payment in dollars, not local currency.

The payment method unlikely to change, taking into account the difficulties that are born in many countries to acquire foreign currency, but the arrival of Google’s services in this area is wonderful news, we expect to hear officially soon. Perhaps in the event that Google prepares for Oct. 29 .

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