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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Tablets |

Nexus 7 of 32 GB filtered by a chain of stores

Nexus 7 of 32 GB filtered by a chain of stores

Google Nexus 7 just have a couple of weeks in Spain and a couple of months after being released in the United States, but it has certainly made a big impact by having these two main features: a spectacular hardware and a very low price. However, the storage capacities have only 8 and 16 GB is a problem for long. This will change in the future, according ensures a respected retailer .

And it has been leaked to the web a system image chain inventory UK Carphone Warehouse, whose subsidiary in Spain The Phone House, which is clearly listed the model Google Nexus tablet 7 with storage capacity 32 GB, doubling the version currently has more capacity.

But as if that were not enough, in the case of the Spanish subsidiary have been more daring and have shown in the product catalog due out this October, announcing its capacity of 32 GB and a price of 279 euros, which means say that for just 30 euros additional tablet may opt for a 32GB instead of a 16GB, something spectacular, if it becomes real. However, according to this string yet available in any of its facilities or know when they will arrive.

Nexus 7 of 32 GB filtered by a chain of stores image 2

However, so far neither ASUS (who manufactures these tablets) or Google (the main culprit) have made any announcement or even a comment on the forthcoming incorporation of this model to its catalog, so although these stores presume its existence, not been confirmed officially.

A of 32 GB and with such an attractive price of 279 euros would be a direct response to Kindle Fire HD Amazon and even the Nook HD+ Barnes & Noble, two tablet that threatens to call public attention thanks to also offer benefits and online services and the best price in the market. However, neither Amazon nor B & N provide these services in Spain and much of Europe (with some exceptions), so the tablet Google has great advantage in the old continent.

As if this were not enough, the image of Carphone Warehouse also mentions a “Samsung Nexus 2″, which could refer to a forthcoming smartphone from Google that again would be manufactured by these Koreans. About this there is no further details, but several days sounding that Google will launch a new mobile this month .

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