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Posted by on Sep 29, 2012 in Technology |

NFC cards, a unique idea MOO

NFC cards, a unique idea MOO

Google Wallet is perhaps one of the best known examples of application of technology into everyday use. While this Google service does not enjoy all the popularity that was expected, NFC technology has great potential and its integration into smartphones opens the door to turn these devices in identification devices (RFID replaces the typical used in many offices) or even can revolutionize the management of professional contacts. Revolutionise? Contact management? Although the statement may seem strange, has decided to walk this path with a product quite revolutionary (at the same time useful): NFC cards .

Today many mobile devices launched on the market with this technology (though the iPhone 5 is precisely one that does not include it ) and thanks to the many contacts sync options you can find in the market, it is not uncommon to share the same address book between your smartphone and your computer. Many professionals are accustomed to pass his agenda of data cards that are exchanged when attending events or meetings and keep your calendar updated but, really, exchanging information between mobile devices (or with applications like Evernote Hello ) could save having to copy the data at hand.

Thinking facilitate data exchange and provide some innovative touch to something as classic as business cards, MOO has developed a very unique evolution of this product (which would die of envy Patrick Bateman ): business cards that make up a NFC chip which can record any information (contact coordinates, links to our work, the coordinates of our offices, etc).

NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is a short-range communication that works in the frequency band of 13.56 MHz and enables exchange between two devices, ie, from a mobile device on this card, the send data to the terminal board on the actions to be executed (send a vCard contact, open a specific URL, open the map application, etc.) and, no doubt, will surprise the person you’re exchanging cards. The product, in my point of view, is quite innovative and can give much play (especially since the information can be overwritten and reset), so that in the hands of someone creative, these cards can become a curious promotional support with which to surprise our customers or other professionals.

With good number of terminals on the market with NFC support, aside Google Wallet (which may have come too soon), not many practical applications of NFC still outstanding and, for many users, it is still a technology unknown and despite the potential value it has and the various applications.

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