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Posted by on Aug 27, 2012 in Apple |

NFC iPhone 5 features as filtered images

NFC iPhone 5 features as filtered images

Even before the arrival of the iPhone 4S had already been speculating on the introduction into the next Apple smart phone Near Field Communication technology, known as NFC. However, this was not ultimately true, but that does not mean that the next iPhone will not see this technology debuting in a apple product.

Well today from Japan have leaked some images that promise to be the front of the iPhone 5, where those responsible for its publication have discovered a component that promises to be a small chip. With respect to the original source , and has had several successes in their predictions, most recently when he mentioned that “the new iPad would be thicker than the iPad 2.”

The dimensions of this chip is not larger than 5×5 mm, which is consistent with the design of the terminal as incorporating Samsung Galaxy Nexus and NFC mobile Sony, headed by the manufacturer NXP .

If this is true, we would be about to see the birth of some features that iPhone users miss, as the possibility of paying local purchases via NFC-enabled transactions. In addition, the Apple update their computers and the iPad, and incorporate NFC will be possible to transmit files between them in a way much faster than Bluetooth.

The relationship between Apple and the NFC has always been shy, and having at least a year developing technology that could be related to NFC, but they have never released any product with it. A clear example is the application Passbook used to scan in shopping vouchers and will arrive with iOS 6, in addition to a year ago Apple bought AuthenTec , a company focused on mobile security and the creation of intelligent sensors.

The tracks are on the table, even when developers reviewed the code found more evidence Passbook NFC. This, along with the front panel leaks (which also confirmed its elongated screen), talking about an with NFC as a reality.

If the leaks are correct, all this and more we will know on 12 September.

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