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Posted by on Oct 4, 2012 in Technology |

NFC: Present and Future

NFC: Present and Future

A little technology implemented now but promises for the future is the NFC (Near-Field Communication), which basically allows you to transfer information between devices nearby. Gradually manufacturers are equipping NFC chips in smartphones and other devices, and in the medium term could witness how you settling in stores or vending machines.

My partner and I spoke Carlos Rebato premonitory form of the importance of the NFC . Since then, they have continued to appear signs pointing to a larger role in the near future. For example, devices that have incorporated this chip: BlackBerry, Sony, LG, Sharp, Samsung, Huawei … More and more manufacturers choose to equip him or even smartphones low-end tablets. At Mobile World Congress in Barcelona in 2012 was presented a vending machine with VISA NFC reader, but in countries like Japan are nothing new.

No doubt that more widespread use is focused on payments, especially those of small amounts (vending machines themselves, small businesses, etc.), for which we need new infrastructure, new hardware. And above all, another boost to this technology in the hands of a giant, since our smartphone would play virtual wallet. I’m talking about Apple, and wrote about his plans with the NFC following the publication of patents on this, although we did not see this at the launch of iPhone 5, although its closest competitors (like the Galaxy S III, HTC One X or the Sony Xperia S) itself incorporate it. A small disappointment in the face of an expansion that would have been accelerated to incorporate the latest model of iPhone.

However, companies like Google have been walking his own path with Google Wallet , precisely the concept of virtual wallet talking. A few days ago I reported Velasco JJ applying this technology to the cards , which could be passed to instantly contact a terminal with only bring them closer. Then there are more personal and domestic uses to which we can take advantage of them right away, such as the Smart Tags.

NFC: Present and Future image 2

The Smart Tags are small stickers, sometimes shaped plastic key rings or bracelets, with a programmable chip inside. For programming not need more than one application and our imagination. The possibilities are enormous. Some might be:

  • Leave a bedside night to activate airplane mode and alarm. In the morning, returning to bring the smartphone, will deactivate airplane mode and would open Spotify to start listening to music while going to school or work.
  • Have one in the car to activate the navigation application and the music, or turn on the Bluetooth hands-free use.
  • Use in our business to automatically close your smartphone then who check-in on FourSquare.
  • Replace QR codes in displaying information in an exhibition, museum, etc.. It’s much more comfortable approaching the terminal without opening the application, expected to open the camera, frame the picture, wait for the process …
  • Automatically write a tweet or a Facebook status, with the handicap that will be the same if not reprogram the Smart Tag. However, it can be useful when making an event attendees share the same content, for example.

These stickers are readily available online at sites like Rapid NFC , NFC Tags- or Taggito . In the video below we can see a demonstration with Sony Xperia S, is that Sony is one of the manufacturers who has more interest in pushing the NFC, creating their own custom Smart Tags and including them in their terminal boxes.

I have no doubt that this technology will be more, unlike others whose early death had already announced (QR codes, without going further). The public transport passes several cities already in this bracket. When will we be able to recharge at our own terminal? Examples are many: NFC stickers in shelters that bring the smartphone to inform us of the estimated time of arrival of our bus (if not already a screen on them). Already exist. Yesterday came the news that Opel and Orange wanted to use the NFC to open our car . From our car could pass our house. Or sign at work. The possibilities of this are more than interesting, but the future is uncertain. Really attractive, yes.