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Posted by on Dec 11, 2012 in News |

Nike+ Accelerator: Nike+ opening to startups

Launched in 2006, Nike+ looking for a way to integrate all of our physical performance on the web, so it was easier to help motivate athletes. + has been very successful over the years and this has allowed Nike to integrate with iPods, smartphones and even launch a GPS watch or FuelBand. Now with the launch of Nike+ Accelerator expect developers to encourage integration with Nike+.

The idea behind this program is to choose a select group of all received proposals and make entrepreneurs that intend to develop a three-month stage in Portland, Oregon with people from Nike that will help guide them on the platform. The conditions are applied to present a project that uses data from Nike+ to help people to be more active.

I think it is a good idea and is focused mainly on the Fuelband, since in this program will be given first access to Nike+ FuelBand Dev Kit plus access to APIs Nike+ and development kits Nike+ mobile. Anything enhance the functions of a device is positive and thus creates a stronger ecosystem.

From Nike, some ideas that could serve as an example. Platforms could provide training for athletes to help us reach our goals, games that use the Nike FuelBand NikeFuel or making fun of the fact move tools to help runners train better, rewards programs based on activity, etc. .

It is a movement that is not far from what he has done RunKeeper , who after developing the application and platform opened access to its APIs to allow other developers to integrate applications with their tools RunKeeper. After seeing how they are shaping the various players in the field of monitoring activity should take note Fitbit and Jawbone of this movement. In the future no longer sufficient to have the best device but the platform on which it is based must have the highest motivational tools for its users.

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