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Posted by on Nov 28, 2012 in Video Games |

Nintendo Wii Mini, it’s official

Nintendo Wii Mini, it's official

What a surprise to us today as Nintendo, which is that after a couple of rumors that his faith did exist, which have not been taken seriously in the world seems unlikely, as has finally made official Mini new Nintendo Wii, a version “Mini” or smaller (with reduced benefits) from its previous home console, the Nintendo Wii.

And we are in full before the finish of Wii U market, taking as little more than a week in the U.S. and missing just days before his arrival in Spain and much of Europe, but the house of Mario Bros still wants to more life to that console period ending his star in the company, thus launching this new version is not only smaller but also much cheaper.

The Mini is priced at just $99.99, but this has sacrificed two of its most attractive features (though not as necessary in this console). First he says goodbye to his internet connectivity, no doubt the quality that is most strange in this new model, and finally, it is compatible with GameCube games.

The appearance of this console mostly surprised after Nintendo announced it would not develop even a Wii game , so even with Wii Mini tries to give one or two more years to the generation, will be the third party developers who offer new titles.

If the price of a Wii U seems too high or just looking to have a casual gaming console, motivated and fun (something that Wii offers par excellence), the Wii Mini might be for you, as we are sure that soon Traditional Wii disappear from the market.

For now Wii Mini Canada is unique, and will be available in this country since December 7. We expect more news of his arrival in other territories which is secured.

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