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Posted by on Nov 24, 2012 in SmartPhones |

Nokia abandons Damian Dinning

Nokia abandons Damian Dinning

Thanks to information from Amateur Photographer just learned that Damian Dinning has left Nokia. Dinning is considered the true guru of all technology related with the cameras and the image that Nokia has released recently.

Dinning Nokia entered the month of April 2004 to implement all the experience he had gained in the world of cameras and photography in general thanks to its previous work in UK and Eastman Kodak Minolta. With Dinning, Nokia has been leading developments in the field of photography in smartphones and recently reached its summit to put a 41-megapixel camera on the Nokia 808 Pureview .

This is the statement from Nokia:

“Following the relocation of specific positions in Finland, and with great sadness, has made the personal decision to leave the company on the effective date of November 30, 2012. During the past nine years, Damian has made valuable contributions to innovative and Nokia, most recently as a project manager in our Smart Devices business. We appreciate his service to the company and wish him well really. “

Dinning is a decision that has been worked on for many months. He was living with his family in the UK and the relocation of Nokia was doing his job to move to Finland is something that was not in their plans. A name still expected to succeed but apparently already has plans Dinning as a very recent press release announces that it has signed for Jaguar Land Rover and will be responsible for the future of innovation in the field driving the Connected Car

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