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Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in Events, SmartPhones |

Nokia and Microsoft have a say

Nokia and Microsoft have a say

and have a say, and they have called the media on September 5 at 9:30 am in New York. We know that will remain the last 3 minutes of oven and Nokia has been the main partner of Redmond in its development.

The theme of the event is officially Windows Phone although the design of the tiles on the invitation is typical of the new version 8. After filtration of trails covers front of what look like two models Lumia Windows Phone 8, was matter of time before Nokia announced the highly anticipated event.

It is knowing where to go out, the Finns have a big stake in this generation of phones. Although still dominate the market for low-end phones, the money is in the upper range, and in Finland know. Nokia has chaining several financial reports with poor results, accumulated losses amounting to 1.4 billion dollars in 2011. Already far behind the times when Symbian was the undisputed leader. Test problems for which Nokia is happening is that a few weeks ago closed its last factory in Finland . In addition Nokia has started to get rid of projects like QT and patent packages such as Vringo .

Nokia knows that is played as planned this presentation to the millimeter. Be held in New York, where they will get more media exposure, rather than in Helsinki, where coincidentally the same day beginning on Nokia World . It seems that the date has been carefully chosen to maximize the impact, just off the main consumer electronics trade show of the season, the IFA 2012 in Berlin , where large Asian manufacturers have much to say, and a few weeks before the presentation of the new rumored iPhone 5.

As a surprise we could see a Nokia tablet running Windows 8, but that’s just my own personal hope. However, close attention to what the Finnish giant.

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