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Posted by on Dec 3, 2012 in Gadgets |

Nokia confirms that it will launch with Android smartphones

Nokia confirms that it will launch with Android smartphones

This rumor has struck several times in the past two or three years and are becoming more reason to believe to be true, but then from the company in Finland confirmed that are baseless speculations. Last week came a job offer to work in looking for an engineer with experience in Linux, which immediately reminded us Android and many took as a clue to the interest of Nokia in the Google platform. This ultimately returns to be false.

Yes, the OS is based on Linux, so it is a pretty attractive track to follow and anyone can do think, again, that the company led by Stephen Elop is interested in developing running the Android operating system green. However, a Nokia executive has appeared before the public to clarify that this is not so, and that they have misunderstood the intentions of the company with that job.

Doug Dawson, who is Head of Media Relations of Nokia, said in an interview that the rumors are false. In fact, and for that information reaches everyone, it has released through his personal profile on Twitter saying:

“Our most recent job is only related maps HERE, and development support for other platforms, including iOS and Android.”

This means they need clear and simple in Linux expert engineers to carry the famous Nokia Maps HERE to iOS, Android and other platforms. It’s that simple.

Again it is confirmed that Nokia will no Android smartphones, but also brings good news to end users of this platform Google or iOS device, anytime soon who will enjoy the famous mapping service Finns, always as reliable alternatives to the controversial Google Maps or “Maps” of iOS 6.

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