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Posted by on Nov 20, 2012 in Mobile |

Nokia Here and available on iOS

Nokia Here and available on iOS

But maybe they were not as well known as Google Maps, Nokia also had a map service available via web and, to his credit, had a geospatial data set of sufficient quality (in fact, one of the contributions of to its alliance with Microsoft were precisely the maps). Last week, Nokia “renamed” its mapping service with the name of Nokia Here and also announced that the service would be available as apps for Android and iOS. As promised, and a week later the announcement, Nokia has already released the version of Here .

Here for iOS now available from the App Store and, with this move, Nokia also enters (hard) in the vacuum left by the departure of Google in iOS 6 and the results are not very solvent mapping service Apple included service in place of the Google guys (who seem to go preparing an application for iOS ).

While Nokia has bet some aspects to improve in terms of presentation of the data, the information that has is a detail to be considered as the level of detail of your street is a stand out as well as the Information displayed on public transport, for example, the routes based on the combination of various types of public transportation.

Also, Here has a display mode and offline maps, as peculiar thing even voice instructions for hiking (a very interesting detail that will allow us to move without having to go looking at the screen of the phone, for example, using headphones to walk in a somewhat more discreet on the street).

Seeing that Apple are maps for the other services, a clear opportunity; Here can be an interesting new player in the field of mapping services for mobile devices.

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