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Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in Software |

Nokia Here, the new Nokia Maps on iOS and Android too

Nokia Here, the new Nokia Maps on iOS and Android too

For many it is known that Nokia has long had a solution map that despite having a very decent amount of data and even 3D mapping solutions of some cities long before Google or Apple with its Flyover 6, had never curdle completely finished. At least until now, when it seems that the company wanted to turn around its strategy and released Here , the same maps with different names and some very interesting features.

For example, Nokia Here is built entirely in HTML5 and has all the experience in the field behind Nokia over the company’s alliance with Earthmine to take pictures at street level similar to those of Google’s StreetView. On the other hand come in the form of mobile application to iOS and Android, an interesting attempt to get them out of the company beyond Windows Phone and expand to more platforms, especially now that Apple is not going through a good moment with iOS maps 6 .

The iOS app can be a blow to Google as well, which also is looking for its place after the fiasco iOS 6 and takes time, as confirmed at the time inside sources to Gizmodo, application development with a view to a launch. What are the main advantages of in iOS?

  • Public Transportation Routes: As iOS user, leaving aside the quality of the map data to iOS 6, one of the things I disliked the change to the new maps was losing the public transport routes . Nokia Here will have seen them and how well they work on Windows Phone Nokia Transport functionality promise.
  • Maps offline: For a long time one of the outstanding features in Google Maps. With an area Nokia Here you can choose to download it and make it available offline so useful on trips or on phones that do not have a data connection for whatever reason.
  • Voice address for hiking: Perhaps the least interesting of all, but still innovative as it is usually only a limited role when we use it in the car.
  • Data in the cloud, regardless of device or browser, all our routes, markers and todso items are synchronized with Nokia account.

The application has already been submitted to the App Store and is awaiting approval, we will see what the reaction of Apple and in the coming days if we have an interesting new competitor to iOS maps 6 in the App Store.

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