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Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in Technology |

Nokia Lumia 920 and lies in times of internet

Nokia Lumia 920 and lies in times of internet

Yesterday, at the launch of the new Lumia 920 , showed some videos and photos that exemplify the quality of technology PureView including smartphone.

The video in question shows the image stabilization capabilities, presenting some cases via split screen sequences recorded with this technology on and off, so that we can compare. At one point in the video where a girl is riding a bike, walk past a crystal that reflects a different Lumia 920 in the hand, but in a van with the side door open and two people: an illuminator and a cameraman with professional equipment (probably a DSLR).

No text in the video had been warned not recorded with the Lumia 920 and during the presentation always hinted that the video showed the superiority in image stabilization that can be obtained with the smartphone.

Once the lie was discovered within minutes to all internet to find out, to which tens of media will contact the public relations department for Nokia internet and have to issue a formal apology .

To rub salt to the wound, and to demonstrate that apologies are not honest, only “lip service”, it also faked photos, those that appeared in the presentation as an example of the technical capabilities of the sensor and technology PureView in poor light conditions.

Youssef Sarhan explained in his blog, the images shown have a diffraction effect on lampposts own high f values unobtainable with the sensor of the phone that has a fixed aperture of f / 2. In fact, when compared with a photo taken from the official website of the phone that supposedly was taken with the 920, is perfectly clear differences with the “show pictures” that were taught during the presentation yesterday.

Nokia Lumia 920 and lies in times of internet image 2

Photo attributed to a but probably taken with a DSLR

Nokia Lumia 920 and lies in times of internet image 3

Actual photo taken with a Lumia 920, the street lights do not cause diffractions

And that’s the problem, Nokia , we are not times when the promotion and technical demonstration is to cross a marketing department full of people locked in a bunker and think they are still in the early ’80s, when nobody used Internet, the Web did not exist and if anyone noticed the deception, had no way to tell millions of people in an instant.

The effort made by the company with this new phase in which they are striving to design smartphones that really meet the needs of our times, is stained by promoting products using lies. The only thing that did show is that Nokia still exists in a work culture that is decades have expired. Consumers are not stupid, treat them as such only increase what is already happening: fewer and fewer sales.

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