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Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Hardware, Technology |

Nokia’s strategy in 2013

Nokia's strategy in 2013

According to the head of public relations for Nokia , Doug Dawson, the company will have a presence on a lesser scale during 2013 and appear to have prepared a surprise, perhaps it is the announcement of a new alliance with other companies besides Microsoft with the aim to improve the situation by passing and regain dominance in the market of smartphones. Another possible option would be to show some progress on new family members Lumia . It is noteworthy that for some time rumors are around an alleged 10-inch tablet. Reportedly this work with Windows RT and would officially at Mobile World Congress along with other major announcements to strengthening Nokia’s strategy in 2013.

Nokia’s strategy in 2013

Recently, the company’s CEO, Stephen Elop, said they prefer strengthen alliances with certain carriers to launch exclusive products, the rationale behind this strategy is that it manages to invest heavily in marketing campaigns and especially, more competitive pricing on smartphones through subsidies. Furthermore, Elop confirms they will continue working on maps and applied “City Lens”, he claims is important for users to understand more about where things are and that interest is around.

“The battle where” just beginning, there are many opportunities for success in this area because there are few competitors, Google is one and we another.

The high-end devices points to more partnerships with AT & T and now also enter Verizon in the plans, plus they are targeting a lot for low-end devices in specific markets like the Lumia 505 for Mexico and 510 for India.

The future is promising for Nokia, mainly because they are trying to regain lost ground with a wide range of devices to suit the budget of all pockets (as we always have been used), and that the Finns have always been characterized to create high quality hardware (to show just to see the construction of the Lumia 920). Now we just need to do your job Microsoft attracting more developers to the Windows Phone platform.

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