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Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in News |

Nomadistas, the new blog of Hypertext on the art of travel

Nomadistas, the new blog of Hypertext on the art of travel

In Hypertext create publications that are really close to our major interests, passions and activities. Traveling is one of them.

Today we launched a new blog on Hypertext, one that many of us wanted to see for some time. Nomadistas is the travel blog we wanted and could not find … and, thanks to Marriott’s global support, we can realize.

A blog designed for those who travel frequently or at least want to travel with the comfort and knowledge of those who are constant travelers.

We do not want to be the typical tourist destinations blog or travel stories, we try to be helpful and direct. Give answers to questions like What I seek in a hotel ?, how to pack better? ? Tips to get upgrades?, or What gadgets will make 10 hours on a plane less monotonous? and many others. We would love you will contact regarding any questions you can think about traveling, as well as your own tips and experiences.

We hope to build a community of people who want to share tips and stories and that # yoviajo even better, you can follow us on our Twitter , Facebook and Google+ , we expect you to be part of this new project.

Link: Nomadistas