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Posted by on Aug 27, 2012 in Internet |

Norway runs out of companies to monitor file sharing

Norway runs out of companies to monitor file sharing

Norway became the weekend in a country without “spies”, surveillance or monitoring in relation to share files on the network. It does after denying the license had expired the only company that was dedicated to it.

And so, after a long time where the law firm Simonsen remained as the only stronghold that had licenses to “monitor” the records and IP addresses in the file-sharing systems, since this August the country was “liberated” from monitoring.

Simonsen, who has among its customer lists to the MPAA, has issued a statement explaining their views, according to the firm, a blow to the copyright holders:

When no one is authorized to process personal data in order to stop the violation of copyright, weakens the ability of holders to pursue violations occurring in the network. So you lose the ability to protect their interests.

We hope and believe that this problem will be resolved soon.

The news means that unlike most laws are spreading worldwide, monitoring in Norway in search of copyright infringers is not possible today. Put another way, you can share files on the network in the country without fear of being watched or persecuted.

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