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Posted by on Nov 12, 2012 in Mobile |

Notification History: handles notifications on your Android

Notification History: handles notifications on your Android

One of the most important aspects of smartphones lies in notifications. In general you can customize a lot, but one of the main problems is that, if we have many applications, we can accumulate a lot of claims that end up ignoring because it’s too much to process at a time. For example, when we wake up and see everything that was happening in the early morning while we slept. What is usually done is to remove the notifications, but unless you have a flawless memory, we risk forgetting its existence. Application Notification History is here to solve our life.

The idea behind is that we know what application is sending push notifications in an unauthorized way, besides being able to keep track of the messages we receive. This application can collect all the text you wrote, with the exception of passwords, so it can be a dangerous thing: this is something to consider when we have bank accounts related applications.

The good thing about this application is that it gives us a detailed account of what application is the one that generates more notifications. For example, we can disable that are annoying and do not have much use-if we are not notified of mentions on Twitter because we are at work, or do not want to be notified of a particular application because we need it. We also can motivate uninstall what we are not using.

Another aspect to consider is that the Notification History lets us manage the permissions for applications push and change us so we receive them and we have a top bar cleaner. We can also delete applications directly from the same app. So it’s a good way to keep the phone clean if we are to install many applications for testing and then we tend to forget them without even using them. This usually happens with sets, for example, especially those that tend free to send many notifications.

Jelly Bean the filing problem would be completely solved, but for those who are running older versions on their computers, the vast majority of the population Android, at least, can use this application to have more control over things that are running back on the team. Recall that we have to have control over the things we put in our team-we leave this quick guide to install safely notifications – but when we do, we must also be alert to turn into a liability. Notification History is available for free, although you can access a Pro version without ads.

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