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Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in News |

Now Google wins the Innovation Award of the Year

Now Google wins the Innovation Award of the Year

Although it may seem odd, especially seeing the other competing innovations, the fact is that Google Now has won the Innovation Award of the Year Popular Science gives.

This year marks the 25th Anniversary of Popular Science “Best of What’s New”, (Best of what’s new) and in this very special year for them have given the highest award to Google Now. The reasoning have given to explain the award is that Google Now is the first virtual assistant who anticipates your needs. Crosses the line of what we expect from a device as it gives us more things you might not have thought of. So far all attendees are there and you ask them something. Google Now as you expected, is there anticipation.

Google 4.1 Now works in Jelly Bean and once you decide to activate it is always there, running behind. Scan your searches, your calendar events, your location and your travel patterns. Even we know that in a recent update made pedometer and calculating what you’ve gone a month. All this information is then organized and synthesized to introduce us through notifications or cards, with which we can see the traffic path or that we will make the information on our favorite team. Also Google can always be adding new parameters of analysis to tell us more information. Makes Siri and other attendees are outdated.

Other candidates this year and they have won in their respective categories were the thermostat Nest in the category of Home, the Liquipel (a compound that applies to your device and makes it waterproof) or tissue in Gadgets DyeCoo (the allowing stained with carbon dioxide instead of water) in Ecology. Here you have the entire list of winners by category.

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