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Posted by on Oct 31, 2012 in Gadgets |

Oakley Airwave: Glasses with GPS, Bluetooth and display

Oakley Airwave: Glasses with GPS, Bluetooth and display

Oakley presented the Airwave , glasses that promise to delight of snow lovers demanding. These sunglasses incorporate a lot of technology to what we’re used to seeing in this type of accessories. glasses has brought with GPS, Bluetooth and a display to see the most important information.

These glasses are for skiing and snowboarding, and its performance is clear that Oakley points to user. The first characteristic and most notably its display is mounted inside the goggles, in the lower right corner. The display does not bother as we go full speed but allows a glance see all the information we need. Although small, its size seems like it’s a 14-inch screen viewed from a distance of five feet, so it would be like watching a laptop from not too close.

In this screen we can see from the information in messages or calls we receive (if we have coverage in the mountains), see what song is playing, data speed, altitude, distance traveled, time jump, avalanche, direction you are our companions and more.

To navigate much information we have a driver that simulates a wrist pad and furthering our songs and see the various information screens display. The glasses also come equipped with Bluetooth, so we can connect your smartphone to them and we can see notifications without removing it from his pocket. It will allow us to directly answer them but at least we will know that we get the phone for something important.

The Airwave come with various sensors to collect all this information. A part of that GPS sensors have temperature, altitude, speed, and vertical descent. Also include a quick-change lenses and come with anti-fog technology and airy.

The glasses will be available on October 31 for an estimated price of about $800.

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