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Posted by on Nov 8, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Social Networks |

Offers in Facebook: how to implement and make the most

Offers in Facebook: how to implement and make the most

Trade is something that has always eluded Facebook. Social networks are a great way to have a more relaxed communication channel, for example, but not ideal when selling. We can create a photo album with the last pieces of the spring collection-for instance silly-but we can not sell them. has tried many ways to monetize the platform through independent ways of advertising, such as with Facebook Credits, without much success. Some pilot tests were successful but not popular.

We can not sell for Facebook, well. But this does not mean we can not use all the tools offered by the platform to give a monetary benefit to our customers and bring the digital world of social networks to purchase tangible world. It’s something that may be missing. We always say that a lot of engagement depends on what you have to offer to users: contests, promotions, are critical to maintaining a successful Facebook page. Now we can also add other leg over to our engagement: Offerings Facebook.

Basically, if you have not discovered them, it is a kind of publishing coupons for our users request and then exchanged on a local brand. As with all tools of Facebook, we have to think about is whether you really need it. And we also need to plan how we can use it to take full advantage. So, we have assembled this guide with tips to start implementing the Facebook Deals page on a brand, with forms to use and the best ways to do so.

How to activate the offers?

First of all, we have to be administrators of the page. If you are charged with managing social networks then this is obvious, but hey, it’s a detail that we can not ignore. In the text box where generated status updates, find the deals. When we click on that option, we have three variables to choose for our consumers to redeem the coupon or offer:

  • In Store
  • Online or in store
  • On the internet

So far, so very simple. If we are to make an offer at the store, you can include a bar code to read-this is something to coordinate with our client. Then we will have to select a title for the offer, with the option of adding a thumbnail to accompany well-recommended, we know that the images are very attractive for users of Facebook, and the details are redeemable online, as a e-mail or a redemption code. NEVER not forget to add the terms and conditions of the offer.

What are they?

Now we know how to use them, but do we really serve? Well, as with all the tools we have available for an account, we must decide whether or not. If the mark we are handling really has interesting things to offer, or not interested in doing it, then we should not use them. But if you are not interested, then we have to give these reasons.

  • Customer loyalty: contests, promotions and offers are a great way to create a relationship with the user and, in this case customer. By securing a discount not only ensuring that we can return to our website, but also can become regulars in the near future.
  • Promote a new product: Facebook is an excellent showcase for new products, and assign a discount platform particularly recommended not less than 20% – will make them even more visible.
  • Generate traffic to a website or visiting a store: to redeem savings obviously that users will have to visit the store or the web. So we can make sure a good amount of traffic anyway.
  • Increase the scope of the page: when people claim a discount or coupon is published in the timeline of his friends, which guarantees us more scope to other users and more presence in the network of contacts that have our fans.
  • Increase the followers of Score on the other hand, these same publications help other users interested in our offer and want to follow.

How can you take advantage?

Of course, there are ways and ways to make an offer on Facebook. We will give you 5 tips to make the most.

  • Limits the number of coupons: we have the option of granting limited coupons, we can use this to generate anticipation and that users have a constant presence on our site. Of course, without disturbing them, and giving a considerable amount according to the number of fans we have on the page.
  • Maximize your budget: Offers on Facebook cost, obviously. If you have a limited budget to work, try to maximize it by analyzing what kind of deals we can do and when we do them.
  • Use an attractive image: everything comes through the eyes, and with us also. We can work with a designer to make an image more attractive.
  • Pinnea your offer at the top of the page: the offer will be a normal publication fanpage, so we can use the Pin functionality so that it is always our first publication.
  • Make it simple: although customers may be a bit complicated, we try to make our offers are quite simple and are easily understood. The same applies to the terms and conditions thereof.

If you have not yet tried the Facebook Deals recommend you do so. It’s a great way to interact with our customers and bring tangible results to our clients.

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