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Office 2013, thorough analysis

Office 2013, thorough analysis

The new suite of , which incorporates the modern interface of Microsoft, will be available in stores worldwide early next year so it can be used on computers running Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows Phone devices.

With more than 1 billion consumers worldwide, Office has found the cloud one of its pillars to improve the accessibility of their documents from anywhere and team collaboration techniques.

With full optimization of all its products in the touch panel, the new suite of Microsoft attempt to deal with the strong competition offered by Google Apps or iCloud, storage space in the Apple cloud.


In this new version, Word 2013, the quintessential product of the suite, has focused on improving aspects of reading documents, teamwork and refinement of small details.

Office 2013, thorough analysis image 2

With the new Word 2013, users can enjoy a greater focus on reading screen, thanks to the absence of distractions that caused the toolbars.

This new way of reading the text reflows automatically in columns. When we want to display charts, graphs, images or videos online, simply double tap with your finger or click the mouse to look more closely at the details.

Word 2013 automatically dials the last point seen. That is, when we open a document, Word 2013 will open with the last page we have reviewed, even if we open the document on a different computer.

The mere marking of a review, provides a clear view of what changes have been made in the document. Also, if a task proposed in a comment has been made, we mark it as such, so you know the whole team.

By default, our documents are saved in SkyDrive or SharePoint, which can be accessed through a link sent by the administrator sees fit people with different reading and editing permissions.

Word 2013 has been focused on the final details of the documents for all of them acquire professional touch when necessary. The new version is even able to open and edit content such as PDF files.


The new PowerPoint 2013 has a new look cleaner and is ready to be used on tablets, mobile devices and touch panels.

Office 2013, thorough analysis image 3

The themes now come with changes that will allow us to further refine the desired look of our presentations.

Use new themes and variations panoramic, add videos, images and forms, and create custom icons with effective tools, it is possible with the new PowerPoint.

The themes come with a set of variations, such as color palettes and different font families. In PowerPoint 2013 you can choose alternative color schemes and then apply the look we want with a simple click.

We will need only take a quick look at the objects in the slides to see if they are aligned. The new Smart Guides appear automatically, and provide us with information about the spacing between objects.

In the new PowerPoint 2013, when we create a moving line, the program will display where the object ends. That is, our original object remains fixed, and a ghost image moves along its path to the end point.

Much of the world’s televisions are widescreen formats in high definition. For this reason, PowerPoint 2013 16:9 incorporates themes designed to maximize the potential of this type of display.

Improved collaboration tools, we facilitate the work with others in the same presentation at the same time from different computers.

We work with our team in the same presentation at the same time since our browser with PowerPoint Web App, without needing to have installed the desktop version.

In addition to these developments, the new PowerPoint 2013, as well as other products in the suite is optimized to run on touch devices. We may use the typical gestures and touch, swipe, zoom and move our slideshows quickly.


OneNote 2013 is a digital notebook that allows us to create, capture, store and share all types of information.

Office 2013, thorough analysis image 4

Our notes are automatically saved in the cloud and access them when we need them from multiple devices or the web browser itself.

With the new OneNote 2013, we keep all our files on SkyDrive or SharePoint account of our organization. From there, we can view, edit, sync and share all of our content, and work on it together with family or classmates while.

By storing our notebook in the cloud, the content is kept synchronized across applications OneNote 2013 will have on our favorite devices, including Windows 8, Windows Phone, iPhone, iPad, Android and Simbian.

Since this blog notes, we can draw, erase and edit gently with your finger, stylus or touch mouse on any device. If we need to share our handwritten notes and legibility concerns us, OneNote 2013 can automatically convert handwriting into our text.

Improved Send to OneNote tool makes it easier to cut what we are seeing on our screen, and thus send a web page or an entire document to a section of your notebook.

Ultimately, OneNote 2013 allow us to create digital notes on a pad with a modern appearance that eliminates all kinds of distractions in the interface. Its full integration with the cloud ensures we obtain all of our content when we need anywhere from a mobile device, tablet or web browser.


The first thing we will appeal the new Excel 2013 is completely new appearance. It’s cleaner, but designed to help professional looking results quickly.

Office 2013, thorough analysis image 5

Consumers will find new features that allow them to get away from the typical cell or numbers, and use new graphics can improve the collection of information.

With the new Excel, we can easily extract the necessary information imported with fast fill tool, quickly running a full scan of the PivotTable.

The new fast fill tool makes it easy to reformat and reorganize our data. Excel 2013 learns and recognizes the pattern key completion remaining data without new cells.

The new recommended Graphics button in the Insert tab allows you to choose between a variety of default graphics that will be perfect to refine the results of our presentations.

Excel 2013 charts we recommend that best illustrate our data patterns. Also, get a preview of the chart and its options for us to choose the most correct before saving.

With Excel 2013 is easier to work in a team with others. Now we can share information, send links to our colleagues, publishing content on social networks or online submission.

In short, the new Excel 2013 provides new ways to explore our data more intuitively. Consumers will be able to visualize, analyze, display and share the results of their work as never before.


The new Outlook 2013 that will help us manage our accounts in an efficient, has a design that is focused in offering a clear view of what is really important.

Office 2013, thorough analysis image 6

One of the cornerstones of the new Outlook 2013 focuses on communication, now we can communicate quickly with your contacts, send files to keep us informed of groups or social networking updates.

Consumers can connect Outlook with Exchange ActiveSync to receive all emails addressed, appointments and contacts through the servers or e-mail services more important.

Outlook 2013 will allow us to automatically get the latest updates from our contacts in social networks, including LinkedIn or Facebook.

With Outlook 2013 we can respond with one click, writing our correct response to the alerts in the reading pane. Or, start an IM conversation through Lync.

With the new Outlook 2013 we organize our flow of emails and schedule meetings with the new tools offered.

The tool will allow us glimpses take a quick look at our schedule, appointments or information about someone you are sending an email, without having to change the email to calendar or other chips.

The contact card contains all the key details about our contacts, including phone, email, address, company information and social networks in one place. Since the card, we can schedule a meeting, send an instant message or call.

Outlook 2013 will allow us to locate important information through its improved search tool, in a fast, helping us to communicate key ideas and make the right decisions.


Office 2013 will be available in stores around the world early next year divided into three distinct versions. Besides these, Microsoft has decided to launch an exclusive version for free preinstalled on computers running Windows RT , which is not available in stores.

Office 2013, thorough analysis image 7

  • Office 2013 Home and Student: $ 139.99 includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.
  • Office 2013 Home and Business: $ 219.99 includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and Outook.
  • Office 2013 Professional: $399.99 includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outook, Access and Publisher

Importantly, the version that is pre-installed on Windows computers will be the equivalent RT Office Home & Student.

Microsoft has announced that the new version of Office will be available in 277 countries around the world and in most stores across Europe and the United States will be available PKC (Product Key Card) rather than the traditional DVD box.

In addition to these packages the suite, the new Office adds two new branches of Office 365, called Home Premium and University.

Both branches include, in addition to the products of the Office 2013 suite, the benefits of Microsoft services in the cloud:

  • 20 GB of free storage on SkyDrive.
  • 60 minutes per month of free international calls through Skype.
  • Annual subscription automatic update features and services.
  • The ability to enjoy the services of Office 2013 on up to 5 PCs

The package of Office 365 Home Premium will cost $ 99.99 / year, while the University Office 365 subscription (exclusive academic institutions ) for four years may be purchased for $ 79.99.

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