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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Software |

Office 2013 will reach iOS and Android in March next year

Office 2013 will reach iOS and Android in March next year

Loved by many, hated by others, Microsoft Office is still the most popular office parcel worldwide. Although it was known that Microsoft would get the mobile versions of Office 2013 in the coming months, it is not known the exact date. Thanks to a press release from the office in Czech Republic company, we learned that his coming to Android and iOS will be in March next year .

The introduction of the latest version of Microsoft Office on the operating systems of Google and Apple and was a known fact, but there was doubt whether it would launch simultaneously with the mobile version for Windows Phone and Windows RT (used in the Microsoft Surface with ARM processor).

What does that mean? It is said that will be released in October or November (the date is marked on 26 October, when Microsoft releases Windows 8). This would give five to six months to popularize the version of your parcel on its own operating system. As we know, many offices choose to use a Windows-based ecosystem by hook Office, as being so common, their employees do not need more training. Could it be a similar phenomenon, in which the adoption of the Microsoft Surface or a Windows Mobile Phone 8 is given by this association? Probably.

The movement to include support for and is also a smart move because Microsoft understands that it is not the only competitor in the market and points to the leaders to get a slice. So far, the experience with OneNote has been very successful, so it is likely that Office 2013 will make a good niche consumers. The strategy, then, is the first to see whether the adoption of the package works as an added value to the products of Microsoft, and then try to earn a place in the third-party operating systems.

By the way, if you want to know a little more about what it’s Office 2013, I recommend reading the interview we did with Abraham Ronel Teutle , Mexican developer Microsoft. There are several interesting notes about what we can expect from the mobile versions, such as synchronization via the cloud or using touch gestures as a substitute for the keyboard shortcuts.

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