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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in News |

One-Click Skype with Windows Phone 8

One-Click Skype with Windows Phone 8

is introducing many new features in Windows Phone 8 event. One is the new version of the Skype application.

One of the great new features in this version of Skype is that it is fully optimized for Windows Phone 8. This means that manages resources better and also does not consume battery. The application is designed to run in the background always and always be able to receive calls and messages. Although always on, Skype’s engineers have ensured that it does not result in a high battery consumption.

In the words of Joe Belfiore, head of the Windows Phone division at Microsoft:

We built to be integrated naturally into the experience of using the phone. Is always on so you can receive a call or message at any time, without consuming your battery

The application is available to download for all devices with Windows Phone 8.

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