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Posted by on Aug 21, 2012 in Software |

Oovoo for iPhone and Android with video calls to four bands

Oovoo for iPhone and Android with video calls to four bands

Oovoo , chat client for iPhone and Android, acquires new features, of which the most important is the video to 4 bands. This feature was already present in desktop clients (Windows and Mac) and iPad, with support for 12 simultaneous participants. However, now comes to the world of smartphones (and tablets Android) where they had left behind in one conversation at a time.

The call quality is quite good, the 4 streams are a more than acceptable quality over Wi-Fi. Although we assume that this largely depends on what network you use. One feature that is appreciated, is that if you can not take the 12 video streams that allows the desktop application, yes you can select what you see live streams.

Apart from calls to four bands, the application for iPhone and Android brings push notifications and text chat in background during calls. SSi are also Android, you will see an improved widget and integration with contacts.

One of the biggest problems I see in this application is its small number of users, which is not a problem specific to Oovoo, but almost all messaging applications outside the mainstream: Whatsapp, GTalk, Skype, Facebook and Tuenti (in Spain). A messaging application is not worth much if you do not have to who to send messages. In this regard, the first challenge to test the new feature will find 4 star friends who have an account. I admit I did not, I had to tell four friends to try the instalasen and power.

Although not the first app that includes video quad (eg Fring also does), I was not displeased to iPhone design. You can try it for free from the App Store or from Google Play .

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