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Posted by on Sep 29, 2012 in Software |

Open WebOS 1.0 Now Available

HP surprised us today with the launch sudden and unannounced Open in its 1.0 version , ideal for developers and for everyone who wants to work with the operating system that was developed by Palm, but now is a Open Source project, ie open source.

Open WebOS comes after many changes that has lived for this platform, first stopping his own mobile development, then becoming open source and then leading original equipment on a new project called gram .

In the video above, HP shows the operation of a computer all-in-one TouchSmart ** Open WebOS, and looks really great, especially when using the familiar and so comfortable and intuitive user interface platform. Yes, the work on a computer does not mean it is compatible with any device, as this is just a first release, so it is necessary to make the platform to be compatible with other devices, different hardware and components Bluetooth connectivity and network management.

Furthermore, it is also announced their upcoming plans to improve rendering the screen and incorporate the latest Open WebOS versions of Qt and WebKit.

This first release has some native apps like email and the web browser, plus Enyo2 platform that allows software developed in JavaScript using other operating systems Open WebOS.

All developers interested can access the official website of the Open WebOS for more information and to download this platform, to test whether the development in it, or even download an emulator to test it on some devices.

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