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Posted by on Aug 21, 2012 in Internet, Present |

#OpFreeAssange: Anonymous attacked the websites of UK government

# OpFreeAssange: Anonymous attacked the websites of UK government

Much of the media attention, these days, is centered in London, specifically at the Embassy of Ecuador in the capital, where they found Julian Assange , founder of , which has been granted political asylum by Ecuador. There have been many expressions of support for Assange and Ecuador’s decision although UK stands firm on not allowing Assange leaves the country (unless for Sweden ) and also of the people assembled in the vicinity Diplomatic Mission of Ecuador, Anonymous has decided to intervene in the protests toppling several web pages of the British government.

The attack DDoS , which has been assumed by via Twitter, has been aimed at several government websites, among which were the Ministry of Justice and the Interior Ministry. The attack, which took place yesterday evening, resulted in the unavailability of these pages for a while though, according to the Ministry of Justice, did not affect any vital or sensitive information system:

The website of the Ministry of Justice was under attack last night. [...] The website is informative and, therefore, did not store any sensitive data, and also any other system in the Ministry of Justice has suffered in the attack.

The technical team of the Ministry of Justice interrupted the problem and was able to restore the service and the sites remain active although, as reported, are monitoring the service in case they need to interfere:

We applied a series of measures to maintain the active pages although it is possible that some users can not access certain areas intermittently. [...] Continue to monitor the situation and take appropriate action if a fall happening again service

Besides the Ministry of Interior, Department pages for Work and Pensions and Prime Minister’s website also suffered outages as a result of these attacks were organized under the hashtag #OpFreeAssange and repeated that promise in the coming hours.

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