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Posted by on Nov 29, 2012 in Technology |

Optimize Windows 8 for desktop usage

Optimize Windows 8 for desktop usage

As we all know, is an operating system that has introduced a lot of new features over its predecessor.

The drawback for some consumers is that many of these features or simple tasks, such as opening web pages or image files and video are pushed to run on the new home screen with modern interface.

Start Windows 8 directly to your desktop

The advantages of the new home screen of Windows 8 are well known to all users of this system, is the first thing you see when you start your system. But consumers around this new screen appears click the desktop hub to work in a professional should be tired of having to do the same thing and not directly accessible.

Therefore, with this simple trick, consumers who want to go directly to the from the start of Windows 8 may do so without going through the home screen without problems:

First of all, the first thing we have to do is type in Notepad as follows:

[Shell] Command = 2 IconFile = Explorer.exe, 3

[Taskbar] Command = ToggleDesktop

Then we’ll have to save the file to your desktop called ShowDestop with the. Scf.

  1. Open the Control Panel by pressing Windows + X -> chose the option of View by Large Icons -> Administrative Tools -> Task Scheduler.
  2. In this new window, we need to right click on the folder Task Scheduler Library -> Create Task.
  3. We will open a new window where you can configure the task. On the General tab write as Task Name Show Desktop, in the bottom of the same window we have to choose the Configure for: Windows 8.
  4. On the Triggers tab, we click on New and choose the option to start the task: When logging -> OK.
  5. In the Actions tab, we need to click and choose New Action: Start a program, then we have to load the program or script from your desktop with the option to Browse -> OK.
  6. Finally, in the Conditions tab, uncheck the box will have to start the task only if the computer is connected to AC power -> OK. We may need to restart your PC to save the changes.

Default Programs

It’s uncomfortable, very uncomfortable having to be dragged into the modern interface applications for basic things such as displaying an image, listen to music or watch a video.

Personally I prefer to view a picture with Windows Photo Gallery, which gives me more tools the modern application, or watch video and listen to music via Windows Media Player 12, which we’re all more used to their advantages and options .

To do this, just have to choose which one we want our default programs Windows 8:

  1. To begin we will have to press the Windows key + X that will allow us to go directly to the Control Panel.
  2. Using the option to display large icons, we will go to Default Programs -> Set your default programs.
  3. From the new screen that appears, you can choose who we want to have as the default program for opening different files.

Internet Explorer 10

One of the major features added to Windows 8 is the modern version of IE10 interface. This version is primarily intended for users with touch tablets.

Personally, I prefer the desktop version on almost all occasions, and I find it very annoying to have to run the modern version default every time I open a link from my applications home screen, such as Courier.

But luckily, we can solve this little problem in a few simple steps:

  1. The first thing we have to do is open Internet Explorer 10 on the desktop -> click the Settings button -> Internet Options.
  2. Once we are in the new window, we will have to lead the Programs tab -> Open Internet Explorer
  3. We have come to the issue kit, from here choose the option to open links in Internet Explorer always on the desktop -> To end we’ll just tick Open Internet Explorer icon on the desktop. You may have to restart your PC to save the changes.

Clearly these better be a good choice for the professional consumer who uses largely the productivity benefits provided by the traditional desktop.

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