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Posted by on Nov 23, 2012 in Web 2.0 |

Optimizes convening meetings

Optimizes convening meetings

Whether it be with friends or to arrange a of work, the process we followed to find the date and time optimal, ie, which fits well with the agenda of all attendees, can result in a wide exchange of emails, meeting requests generated in Outlook or Thunderbird and phone calls or messages through WhatsApp. Exchanged many messages, from a practical standpoint, it is not recommended because it can be confusing to those attending the meeting and spend too much time in convening the meeting.

With the idea of optimizing the process of organizing meetings and prevent, after sending a call with Outlook or Thunderbird thousand and receive emails with updates, dates and times or confirmations alternative, we can use some tool to help us put According to attendees and send a call previously closed that fits well with the agendas of all those invited.

Doodle is perhaps one of the most popular services in this area as it gives us the opportunity to make polls, precisely in order to balance the time of an event among its attendees. With can send multiple call options (date and time of a meeting) and, using the results of the survey, see which one best fits all. While we are talking about Doodle as a tool to facilitate the organization of meetings, of course, their use can be extrapolated to other events, such as organizing an outing with friends or get together for a barbecue.

Meeting Scheduler for Gmail is an extension for Google Chrome by Schedule Eleven is also another service that allows us to optimize the process of organizing meetings and helps us to seek consensus among those attending them.

Schedule Eleven offers a paid version and a free (rather limited regarding their older sisters) with which we can send meeting indicating tentative time intervals in which it could develop and, from there, users will we responding indicating their preference to close the call. The service is interesting because it allows us to manage the calls and responses via and most interesting movements appointments in Google Calendar will automatically moving so you can always have a vision of our commitments.

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