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Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Mobile |

Optimizes Gmail data consumption in Android

Optimizes Gmail data consumption in Android

Depending on the type of contract we have with our mobile operator, measures to help us optimize our consumption data or our tablet smartphone is always something that can come in handy to not bring a surprise on the bill (for excess consumption) or suffer a drastic drop in the speed of the connection (if you have hired a degradation of service). If you have a device with Android Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0) or (Android 4.1), we can optimize the use of the data connection of your terminal when using using selective sync our emails.

Timings? Selective? Although it may sound strange and can seem very convoluted to apply, really is something very simple that the Gmail team itself is documented in the service manual helps. With this functionality, available from Android 4.0 onwards, we can synchronize only messages from the folders (labels) that we consider of interest, noting as well the use of the terminal’s data connection.

The idea is that we need not be synchronized (in addition to consuming data and battery) all messages in the inbox, priority messages folder and other folders you have defined, therefore, we can stop syncing specific folders ( since we see no need to have them in our mobile terminal) and based on the activity of these folders we keep updated the last 30 messages or all that is in the tray.

A very interesting feature which optimize the use of our data connection and be more productive with your Gmail on your smartphone or tablet with our Android or Android Jelly Bean.

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