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Organizing our project with Scrum agile

Organizing our project with Scrum agile

Many times, when we are faced with a new project or we join one that is already underway, we tend not devote sufficient time to the initial phases, ie the planning and establishment of a working methodology that helps us better organize the tasks to be undertaken and, above all, facilitate management. Planning, for example, using a Gantt chart , not much good if we do not put the means to organize the project and make it optimally detecting fiscal slippages, delays, risks, and properly managing changes, of course ensuring quality.

With a view to implement the project without putting aside all these aspects emerged methodologies of project management in the 50 (within the U.S. Army) to prevent precisely the control that can get to reign in a Project. Over the years, the methodology has become a cornerstone in the management of projects and, for many companies, are the cornerstone of management processes and an important pillar to lean on.

The PMBOK , for example, is one of the most widespread classical methodologies in use, however, its rigidity and formalism has been, especially in the field of technology companies, to seek other ways much more agile fleeing bureaucratic rigidity , better adapted to the changes and to obtain intermediate results that are tangible (ie functional). Within this current names like Agile Scrum or Extreme Programming based on iterative and incremental development (mainly focus on software engineering) and that, therefore, produce a product from the start and, iteration after iteration, to making it grow by adding new features related to the defined requirements.

Scrum is perhaps one of the most popular methodologies and, in fact, is so popular because not only has application in the field of software engineering and is used in many organizations to manage their projects (and even for organization of personal projects). And what are the main features of Scrum? This methodology is oriented towards achieving results even though the environment is changing and the requirements are subject to change and are not very well defined.

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The idea, in a nutshell, is to divide the requirements (product called Stack) in sprints, ie we will fulfill requirements in each of the phases or iterations in which we divided the project. Since the end of the first phase and get a functional product, with each iteration, the product will grow and meet the requirements defined stack. This split in iterations, the product can be easily adapted to changing requirements and adjustments since, to start a new iteration, you can review the work done or adjust idefiniciones crawling on the stack of products.

In addition to the roles defined in the methodology, models a series of meetings with the team working on the project (the Daily Scrum to review progress, planning meetings, etc.) and with the client that makes the request (Sprint Review Meeting in which we review the compliance requirements and, in the case of work in software development, make a demo.

And what resources we can use to work with Scrum? A tool project planning ? A task manager? In the network there are tools designed, specifically, to Scrum and, for example, ScrumMe is an interesting free service (which has application for Google Chrome ) with which we organize our project following this methodology.

With this application we can organize our team, organize sprints project scheduling review meetings that we will do (with our team or customer) and, of course, review the status of implementation of the project we are developing.

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Worth deepen this methodology as it can give our team a lot of flexibility to address a project and face the dreaded changes in customer requirements (as with a classical approach end up being a sticking point and a source of deviations in budgets and planning time). In the network there are many references to this methodology we can consult and if we seek a book that introduce us to this world (and also is in Castilian) worth checking out Scrum and XP from the Trenches Henrik Kniberg.

Images: OMISAN and Office Software Free University of Granada

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