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Posted by on Dec 3, 2012 in Curiosities |

Origin of Sandy, the island that does not exist

Origin of Sandy, the island that does not exist

A few weeks ago we told an amazing story about an island that experts indicating that there was ended. Sandy Island was a small enclave near the archipelago of New Caledonia, an area on the maps coming out and no one had been able to reach. An expedition headed for the island in its finding that there was only coordinates the vast ocean. Now, a historian seems to have found the key to the origin of Sandy .

Shaun Higgins, New Zealand researcher claims to have turned the riddle of the mysterious South Pacific island. Sandy appeared on Google Earth and other maps of the world not “exist”, or at least, no one had been in it. Another reference maps, the Times Atlas of the World, identifying her as Sable Island.

A few weeks ago he went to the coordinates a group of Australian scientists during a geological expedition found that the island was not placed where the maps.

Higgins, a researcher at the Auckland Museum, then began to investigate what caused the error. Their investigations have finished finding the origin of everything in a whaler, after finding a letter from 1908 that showed Admiralty Island:

As far as I know, the island was recorded by Velocity whaling in 1876. Her captain reported that year on a series of sandy islets. My guess is that they just saw a danger in that time, a risk. Later would have recorded a reef at low altitude or what they believed was a reef. They could even have the wrong place. There are a number of possibilities.

What is clear is that we have a point on a chart, which was scored at the time and subsequently has been copied and recopied over time.

Anyway, now Sandy has already been withdrawn from most digital maps including Google Earth. Meanwhile, the Internet is still debate about the reason for the error pages , which has come to inform the French Hydrological Service warned in 1979 of the ghost island error, an error that may have originated in 1876.