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Posted by on Oct 17, 2012 in Curiosities |

Ostrich Pillow, a history of crowdfunding

Ostrich Pillow, a history of crowdfunding

Kickstarter, the popular web collective funding or crowdfunding, is a cradle of surprises and demonstrations of wit. One of the latest is the Ostrich Pillow, or ‘pillow ostrich’, a sort of analog gadget that promises to be the best partner for naps and breaks.

Originally from Madrid, and being in its initial idea a simple jersey inside the head and arms to put the Ostrich Pillow is proof that all is not lost if we keep our imaginations and we risk a little. And if we sell. With these ingredients, the guys from Studio Banana decided to use that to put the jersey in which ostrich head and disconnect the environment for a better break. They took naps and apply it to the rest nod own work, at the library, or waiting at the airport. Matched, and began to get more and more requests from that first prototype was responsible for converting internet viral. It was mid-2011, and just over a year later, with more experience and a more refined prototype-and-padded, has been the penultimate revolution in Kickstarter. If birth is Spanish, its creators (the architecture studio Kawamura-Ganjavian ) are as international as its reputation.

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And is that Maki Portilla-Kawamura and Ali Ganjavian, Hispanic, Japanese and British-Persian respectively, are two of the founders of this idea as absurd as great, and ultimately highly successful even before marketing. In its first week in the collective funding platform won nearly $ 70,000 required to get the budget in a month. Today, in the absence of a day to the end of the term, has gained nearly 190,000, more than double.

Telegraph, The Sun, Tech Crunch, The Next, Glamour Magazine … media and reputable blogs have talked about it, and praised its benefits. Far from the Spanish border, where the siesta is national sport, ensure that it works, and really isolate head and hands (mind and body) for a short break, without leaving the desk or bench where you are, as stated in the Kickstarter page. Internet has come to play a key no longer, but total. The word-of-mouth through blogs, social networks and aggregators has been the best (and free) advertising campaign that has needed the Ostrich Pillow.

You can find more information on the website Kickstarter Ostrich Pillow . There are still a few hours until morning, October 18, the deadline for financially supporting the initiative and be one of the first buyers. Shipments are estimated for December. If you become a, in the website are encouraged to send pictures using it. And you can always feel that you are part of the magic of the network. How a silly idea, and great, changed the lives of its creators.

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