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Posted by on Aug 16, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Internet, Mobile | set to receive notifications in Android Push set to receive notifications in Android Push

More on the new Outlook. A few minutes ago we talked about how to apply extra security to our new accounts in the new web mail from Microsoft, and recently talked about how you could configure Android and IOS devices , but using the POP3 protocol, with the disadvantages that accarrea. Today we will see two alternatives that will help us instant access to our mail and also save battery.

The drawbacks of using POP3-of course there are advantages to mail or other mail on our mobile devices is that the client should ask the server for new mail every so often. This leads to applications that ask every X minutes, resulting in data usage and battery, although there may be no mail on the server.

The solution is to push notifications, though, how we will use with a protocol that does not support them? We can not, so we will set up your using EAS or Exchange Active Sync, supported both by the new Microsoft Mail, for the old ( and also by most mail applications to including the native client.

Let’s begin. The first thing is, if we wish, delete the account already set up, which add a few days ago with POP3 protocol. Now follow the following steps:

A. – Open the mail application and add a new account.

2. – Insert our address [email protected] and click manual configuration.

3. – Select the Exchange.

4. – Replace the domain name account (by default direction) with the following format: [email protected] .

5. – The server must have the following value: because Microsoft is still using the old domain, and this may change in the next few days

6. – Press accept, and on the next page select Automatic Warning: Push Notifications.

We have configured the mail, in a way just as easy or even that with POP3, and with many benefits in return: Automatic alerts as soon as we receive emails, saving battery because they were not asking the server, synchronizing items such as the calendar or contacts, or download messages automatically when we’re in WiFi, with virtually instant access to our email notification after pressing.

The choice and second choice, which spoke in the opening paragraphs, it goes through the new account set up Outlook Hotmail application, something
effective if somewhat outdated in terms of design, and we hope we can soon be replaced by installing the new application called Outlook to Android would be the way out.

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