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Posted by on Aug 11, 2012 in Internet and Networking, Rumors | suggests future IMAP support suggests future IMAP support

A few weeks ago we were surprised retiring Microsoft Hotmail and launching his historic . Although a great advance, and in my opinion surpasses Gmail interface level, this new service continues to suffer one of the major problems of its predecessor, the lack of synchronization.

In this way users from any client that does not support Microsoft protocol, can not use it if not for the outdated POP3 protocol, which has many shortcomings. The response to this from a member of the team was that “old IMAP is a protocol that only supports synchronization (not people or calendars).” The truth is that it could say the same for POP3, which is even prior to IMAP.

Another team member said he expected “sometime in the future IMAP support in Outlook”, while admitting that the support for the Mac client, now, is not optimal. In Redmond know this and are working on it.

For now, users are maqueros also be forced to use or Web client to access mail, while Windows users can also use Windows Live Mail client or an extension to Outlook.

Did you ever see an Outlook for Mac? It is early to tell. Microsoft is leaning toward using Exchange ActiveSync, which already support a large number of devices, including WindowsPhone, iPhone, and partly their own applications included in OS X.

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