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Posted by on Aug 1, 2012 in Internet and Networking |

Outlook is the new Hotmail and everything changed for the better

Outlook is the new Hotmail and everything changed for the better

Microsoft is in transition and changes so far have been good so I could try. Metro is to blame for everything that is happening and the decision could not be better. From today, if you have a Hotmail account can log in from , the new online version that Microsoft makes available to join our with new interface certainly makes it really attractive.

If you do not have a Hotmail account (hardly the answer is no) or do not want to keep what they already have can also get their respective address. Although Outlook now fails to directly replace Hotmail, a move likely to go next focused on that point because it integrates all that we have been using but with better appearance and integration.


Undoubtedly, the interface is what most attracts attention. Metro clearly dominates and it shows at a glance that seeks to be the best friend of touch screens. If you have used Windows 8 or Windows Phone, the experience is quite familiar and, of course, pleasant.

The first thing to be grateful for is that not so overloaded with options as in Hotmail. In the home screen only see the left side panel with folders and categories of organization in the right section for messages (with social networking and services as well as Windows Live) and at the top shows only “New “to start writing. Once you open a mail is placed in the top navigation options necessary to get in the way not all.

Integration and improvements

Outlook is the new Hotmail and everything changed for the better image 2

Recently we tested Office 365 in Hotmail, including the integration half with Skydrive. I say half because to access the menu of services we see in Outlook and click on Skydrive, send us the version we see the same interface to access Hotmail ( The Verge published interface that Skydrive already has Metro, so the appearance will also undergo a change soon, very good news) but equally we edit all documents in Skydrive we also view them without any problems. The Active Views that were kept in Hotmail, which is just a sample of Youtube videos and preview images in each post are also kept as well as the ability to view Word documents, Excel, PowertPoint and so on.

The group chat is now enabled by default and keep the line a lot easier if we receive many emails every day. In Hotmail had to be activated manually.

Outlook is the new Hotmail and everything changed for the better image 3

Contact application is visually quite the same way we can see in Windows 8. Serves the same purpose, ie, try to gather in one place all of our contacts from Hotmail, social networking (Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn) and more.

Finally, integration with Skype is not yet available even though the picture looks really great from Micrsoft will simply say “soon.”

Abandon Hotmail?

Outlook is the new Hotmail and everything changed for the better image 4

Definitely yes. Outlook reinvents how to use e-mail with Microsoft Services, is an important and if you are thinking about buying computers with Windows 8 or Microsoft Surface ideally adapted to leave because once logged on to Windows 8, the setting changes to make us the easy life.

As I said earlier, Microsoft’s intention is to publicize it and how hard you look does not come as a real murderer of Hotmail, but that ultimately revealing the story ends and finish driving the stake because unifying the services as we are showing .

Outlook came with everything, including support for all devices because we can access from any smartphone, whether Android or IOS with editing content whenever we go out to the mobile version.

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