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Posted by on Dec 28, 2012 in News |

Ouya begins distributing the console developers

Ouya begins distributing the console developers

is a video game based on the mobile operating system. In June of this year recorded the Kickstarter project to raise funds and in August we knew that was going to become a reality . Today, it has reached a new stage and the company has decided to send 1200 special consoles for developers. A surprise as they do before a date.

Ouya has shared a video of the unboxing of the console. In this kit for developers, both the console and the controls are transparent. Note that the final version will not. Specific models for development need not be as polished as the product will go on sale to the general public, with the basic operation is sufficient. Moreover, this version does not have any games installed since its objective is that people who receive it are dedicated to developing them.

In the video we see the console Ouya for developers and we realize how small it is. In fact, compared with a simple cup of coffee, even if it has a cubic shape. It also has a micro USB port for connecting to other devices. Furthermore, despite its small size, the console incorporates a fan to keep it refrigerated at all times.

At the end of unboxing connect the console to the TV via HDMI but just when it appears the brand Ouya removed to create a buzz. Does the home screen is the same as that of an Android device? Or have changed the interface to resemble more to a game console? I guess we wait for some developer advancement or raise some other less lucky, until it begins to market.

People who booked the console will wait until March, scheduled to start selling to the public. What reception will among the people? From my point of view, a $99 console can not compete with other higher quality and more consolidated such as the Play Station or Xbox.

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