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Posted by on Nov 16, 2012 in Mobile |

Overgram, an iOS app to add text to your images from Instagram

Overgram, an iOS app to add text to your images from Instagram

has become one of the favorite services of the users and, since coming to Android this spring, has experienced a dramatic growth in use (which is reflected in the amount of images we see in Instagram networks like Twitter or Facebook). With its popularity (and the available API), has emerged a number of services, applications and browser extensions that can extend the experience using Instagram to different media or, for example, to unleash our creativity riding a collage with images that we consider most significant. While with Instagram can edit the images we take by applying filters, there are images that could add something else and, for example, add some explanatory text .

Indeed, in order to expand and editing options, such as adding text to images that pass through the filters of Instagram (before share them on Twitter or Facebook) device users can use a free application name Overgram with you can edit images from your mobile device.

The application has a free version and, as consideration, adds a small watermark in the corner of the picture (and also a paid version that removes advertising and watermark). The idea is that, once we have applied a filter to an image, let it for the application to use the color palette and fonts to add text to the idea of giving free rein to our creativity.

image gallery uses the terminal and also gives us the ability to capture an image directly to the camera and editing the options, we can crop the image as desired, up to 10 fonts to use in the free version (with extensions in the paid version), play with the placement of text on the image and the colors.

Since the watermark is not too annoying, the application can be a resource to consider if we want to add a message to our images on the fly and without complicate too.

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