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Pacific Rim, kick off their campaign viral

Pacific Rim, kick off their campaign viral

Guillermo del Toro released his next film project of science fiction on 12 July 2013. Pacific Rim , hit the charts in the summer, with the firm intention of becoming a blockbuster. The film features a cast led by Idris Elba, Charlie Day, Max Martini, Willem Dafoe, Charlie Hunnam, Riko Kikuchi and Clifton Collins Jr. The promotional campaign has begun, if we consider it essential that in recent years has become viral marketing, it is more than likely the bombardment of information, in the following months, is relentless.

The first part of the promotional campaign and we are already seeing the site come from Pan Pacific Defense . The first video, just thirty-five seconds, is a test of the warning system of kaiju . Kaiju is a Japanese term that means “strange beast” but usually translated as monster.

The viral video below shows how the city of San Francisco is attacked by one of these kaiju “monsters”. Images confused, cries, despair and destruction. The Golden Gate, once again shattered. Humanity can not cope, or that seems to semajantes beings, is just pray and hope for a miracle.

To protect the planet and its inhabitants of these kaijus establishing the Pan Pacific Defense Corps, a panel made up of men and women capable of controlling the only weapon that could succumb to the monsters: the jaeger. The jaegers are giant robots controlled by their pilots mentally. The fate of humanity will be left to a former pilot, intepretado by Charlie Hunnam – and a rookie (Rinlo Kikuchi). The confrontation between jaegers kaijus and promises to be tremendous. A paragraph is this argument I strongly reminiscent of Neon Genesis Evangelion?

The planes of jaegers and can be:

Pacific Rim, kick off their campaign viral image 2

Pacific Rim, kick off their campaign viral image 3

Pacific Rim, kick off their campaign viral image 4

Pacific Rim, kick off their campaign viral image 5

In an interview with Wired , the Mexican direct, described his film as “a beautiful poem to giant monsters”:

We are working with a group of actors who adore as Idris Elba, Charlie Day, Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perlman. The film is actually a poem very very beautiful giant monsters. Gitantes giant monsters against robots. 25 stories of robot fighting alturos 25 floors of monster. We are trying to create a world in which the characters are real and see how it would affect our political reality and the environment the existence of these creatures.

Without knowing the repercussion that still have the film, del Toro and speculated, last July, with the possibility of a sequel:

Ideas are always out of the first project as it progresses. You know, a move that was great but too expensive, an idea that was brilliant but that did not quite fit into the structure …. so we have a stash of things we wanted to do but could not do. So if there is a possibility) I would be very happy doing a sequel but b) many of these ideas are already loose parts, is but a seed that could generate a sequel.

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